Standard Trailer Includes: 
  • Dual purpose lid rack 
  • Hard lid/floor 
  • White or black gel coat fiberglass body 
  • 4.80 x 12 tires 
  • Self supporting accordion style setup 
  • Meets US/Canadian DOT lighting requirements 
  • Tempered anodized one piece aluminum poles 
  • Wiring Soldered, and Shrink wrapped. (no connectors and is waterproof) 
  • Navy Blue, Charcoal, and Royal Blue waterproof breathable fabric. 
  • Five screened windows 
  • Screen Door 
  • Coupler 1 7/8 ball 
  • Silver or White Wheels 
  • Lighting, Stop, Turn, and Tail are LED with Clear Lenses 
The body is constructed with white or black gel coat fiberglass with an aluminum luggage rack. When the lid is folded down, it becomes the floor of a generous size dressing room (approx. 78" x 47") with three inches of ground clearance.  Water will have to be approximately 5 inches deep to get into floor area.

Cargo Capacity
18.5 cubic feet of cargo area is easily accessible with trailer open or closed.


The tent is made with a Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Charcoal breathable fabric that is also waterproof. The fabric is the perfect combination of breath ability, durability, and protection. Its waterproof and windproof properties make it ideal for use in almost any outdoor application. It even provides UV resistance. The fabric allows evaporation, yet provides protection, even during heavy downpours and driving rain. Tempered anodized one-piece aluminum bows prevent "black" rub off on fabric and hands as well as support for the unfolded tent. Standard and Wide Bed models  include five double zipped screen windows as well as a screened door.   Window covers double zip from the inside. The interior height is 88". Tent remains securely attached and ready for an easy set up. The sleeping area covers 47" x 78" in the standard bed and 71" x 78" in the wide model. Bed consists of dense foam mattress with fire retardant ticking. Area accommodates leaving bed linens in place when traveling for easy and convenient set-up.

Stop, Turn, and Tail lights are LED  that illuminate very bright and are large enough to allow you to be seen in any situation. Side marker lights are also LED. They meet US and Canada Department of Transportation Lighting Requirements.

Tires, Wheels and Ground Clearance
4.80 x 12 tires on 5 x 12 wheels allowing 9" clearance. 
Independent rubber torsion bar suspension with high speed tapered roller bearing with optional electric brakes.

Empty weight of the basic standard trailer including wheels/tires, tent and axle is approximately 325 lbs. Loaded capacity is 800 lbs.

  • Body length is 78" 
  • Body width  is 48" 
  • Height ground to top of the trailer is 34" 
  • Lid rack 3" 
  • Overall length including tongue is 10 ft. 
  • Overall open length with tongue is 16 ft. 
  • Floor area  is approx. 47" x 78" 

1 7/8" ball. The empty tongue weighs approx. 30 lbs

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