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Don't take our word for it - read what our customers are saying about their Roll-A-Home campers:

OH YA BABY !!! I have got to tell ya , had my Dad and bros. here , all fabricators and engineers in Auto Mech. Auto Body and Wood fabrication, soon as it got on the ground from delivery we set it up and we all went over it from top to bottom, and your company gets an OUTSTANDING grade on Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Fit, Finish and Business integrity and accurate processing of this customers complicated wishes.

Billy and Sheila even though I have never met you and we don't have any friends in common and Minneapolis, Minnesota is a fair distance from Hobart, OK , I did do my research and your results in the purchasing process, fabrication, and delivery of this trailer IS OUTSTANDING ! I could not be more pleased.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !!! I do hope to meet you some day at one of the events you attend, till then again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, OUTSTANDING, JOB !!!
Posted By: Daniel Robert "DOC " Nylen
Picked up our Roll-A-Home just a few days ago. Towing it with my 2006 Mazda Miata. Tows like a dream, and even the first night of set-up was easy!

We have so much enjoyed working with Billy and Sheila. They truly treat their customers like family.

We can't wait to hit the road with our new Roll-A-Home!
Posted By: Andy Barrow
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (mostly)
I have it put together now. I want everyone to know that I have been working with Billy since the beginning. He has been AWESOME!!! We have talked about most of the aspects of these campers,from pulling them, brakes, tent material, hitches, and just pulling them. He has a ton of knowledge. He is a true craftsmen. A true American hand built, high quality product. I am proud to pull my Roll A home! I figure that I will have around 10000 miles this year on it and have promised Billy to keep everyone updated.

Thanks again Billy,
Posted By: Jeff in PA
Picked up my new Roll A Home on June 1st in Hobart, OK and rode 434 miles the first day to Table Rock Lake, Missouri. Pulling it with my 2008 VTX 1800 named Farley "Fake Harley" Trailer pulled great. For my first trip with my Roll A Home I traveled just over 1800 miles this week, amazing product. Sheila and Billy thanks for building such a great product, had people watching me set it up in the campground..... it's a magnet, draws people to it.
Posted By: Kevin Fadus, Utah
We love it! Pulled it to Guymon for the 5 State and never had a problem with it at all!! We had a side and at times a head wind of 25-30 mph. Never had a problem with the trailer. It was Oklahoma wind tested and passed!!!
Posted By: Chuck and Jana Gibson, Oklahoma
Dream? Yes, cause at the end of the day; and once set-up for the night; nothing beats the comforts that this trailer provides. Easy to pull, storage for my cold beverages in a cooler! Breezy enuff for the cooling breeze at night or heck -- turn on the AC! Slept like a newborn, refreshed and ready to repeat the next day. Absolutely awesome!
Posted By: Michael Lynch, Utah
We picked up our new Roll-A-Home at WingDing in Knoxville TN this past July. We towed it behind our 2005 GL1800 and arrived home in time to pack up the Roll-A-Home and head out to our family reunion where the it was given the seal of approval by the whole family. In August we did a 2 week trip in Northern Ontario. Prior to buying the Roll-A-Home, we had travelled with a cargo trailer and tent ed. It was such a treat to be sleeping up off the ground in a king size bed. The trailer tows so well we almost forgot it was there. The screen room with flaps gave us some extra space and kept us dry on the rainy days. Other campers couldn't believe how compact it is, the amount of cargo space and the ease of setup and take down. We had an audience at every canpground we stayed in and of course we were happy to answer their questions and provide them with the Roll-A-Home website.

Billie and Shiela are truly customer oriented, their attention to detail is outstanding and they have been wonderful to deal with before, during and following the sale.
Posted By: Ron and Mary Hickey, Ontario, Canada

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