• "I have it put together now. I want everyone to know that I have been working with Billy since the beginning. He has been AWESOME!!! We have talked about most of the aspects of these campers,from pulling them, brakes, tent material, hitches, and just pulling them. He has a ton of knowledge. He is a true craftsmen. A true American hand built, high quality product. I am proud to pull my Roll A home! I figure that I will have around 10000 miles this year on it and have promised Billy to keep everyone updated. Thanks again Billy, "Jeff in PA
  • "Picked up my new Roll A Home on June 1st in Hobart, OK and rode 434 miles the first day to Table Rock Lake, Missouri. Pulling it with my 2008 VTX 1800 named Farley "Fake Harley" Trailer pulled great. For my first trip with my Roll A Home I traveled just over 1800 miles this week, amazing product. Sheila and Billy thanks for building such a great product, had people watching me set it up in the campground..... it's a magnet, draws people to it." Kevin Fadus, Utah
  • "We love it! Pulled it to Guymon for the 5 State and never had a problem with it at all!! We had a side and at times a head wind of 25-30 mph. Never had a problem with the trailer. It was Oklahoma wind tested and passed!!!" Chuck and Jana Gibson, Oklahoma
  • "Dream? Yes, cause at the end of the day; and once set-up for the night; nothing beats the comforts that this trailer provides. Easy to pull, storage for my cold beverages in a cooler! Breezy enuff for the cooling breeze at night or heck -- turn on the AC! Slept like a newborn, refreshed and ready to repeat the next day. Absolutely awesome!" Michael Lynch, Utah
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Welcome to Roll-A-Home Tent Campers. We build to order the finest tent camper you can pull behind your motorcycle or small car. 

Construction: The body is contructed with a white or black gel coat fiberglass with a dual purpose aluminum luggage rack. When the lid is folded down, it becomes the floor of a generous size dressing area. (approximately 78" x 47") with a 3" off ground clearance.

Cargo Capacity: 18.5 cubic feet of cargo area which is accesible with trailer open or closed.

Tent: The tent is made with navy blue, royal blue or charcoal breathable fabric that is also waterproof. The fabric is the perfect combination of breathability, durability and protection. It's water and windproof properties make it ideal for almost any outdoor application. It evens provides UV resistance. The fabric allows yet provides protection even during heavy downpours and driving rain. Tempored anodized one-piece aluminum bows prevent "black" rub off on fabric and hands as well as support for the unfolded tent. Both the standard and widebed models include 5 double zippered screen windows and screen door. Windows covers double zip from the inside. The interior height is 88". The tent remains securely attached and ready for an easy and quick setup.

Sleeping area: The sleeping area covers 47" x 78" in the standard bed and 71" x 78" in the widebed model. Bed consist of an optional dense foam mattress which comes with a fire resistant cover. Area accomodates leaving linens in place for easy and convenient setup and or storage.

Lighting: Stop lights, tail lights and turn signals are bright LEDs that allow you to be seen in any situation. These meet all US and Canada DOT requirements.

Tires, Wheels and Ground Clearance: 4.80 x 12,  6 ply tires on 4 x 12 wheels alllowing a 9" ground clearance.

Suspension: Dexter independent rubber torsion bar suspension with high speed tapered roller bearing.

Weight: Empty weight of trailer including wheels, tires and axle is approximately 325 lb for the standard model and 385 lb for the wide model.

Dimensions: Body length 78", Body at widest point 48", Height ground to top of closed trailer 33", Lid rack 3", Overall length including removable tongue 10'. overall open length 16', floor and bed area 47" x 78"

Coupling: 1 7/8" ball. The empty tongue weight is approximately 30lb


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